Police Service Dog Trainee Rejected For Being ‘Too Nice’

An adorable German Shepherd puppy turned out to be a poor choice as a police service dog trainee because he was deemed too nice for police work.

The story of Gavel, an Australian German Shepherd puppy, garnered worldwide attention after going viral on social media.

German Shepherd dogs make good service dogs because of their loyalty to their masters. They also make good police service dogs because they generally have a good temperament and follow commands very well. They can be a formidable adversary when properly trained and turned loose on someone they’re commanded to bring down.

Gavel, it turns out, didn’t have quite the right temperament.

The story went viral after the Governor of Queensland in Australia posted it to Facebook.

Look at that little guy! Who says he couldn’t have apprehended a criminal with cuteness alone!

Back in April, Gov. Paul de Jersey made a commemorative post on his official Facebook page about it being a year since Gavel, then a six-week-old puppy, was expected to become a Queensland Police service dog.

But he flunked out of the police K9 academy “because he “did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line,” WSVN-TV reported.

Poor Gavel. Being “too nice” cost him a job.

But Gavel was being fostered with the de Jersey family during his training and it was decided the little guy would make the perfect companion for the governor.

So while the adorable little pup lost out on a career of tracking criminals, back in February, he suddenly found himself with a new official title: Gavel VRD, or “Vice-Regal Dog,” and now lives in Government House where he serves as a canine ambassador to the many visitors who tour the official residence.

Congratulations, Gavel! I’m glad they were able to find a role for him that matched his winning personality!

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