Poor Sportsmanship


I’m appalled that there are actually politicians and political activists who are celebrating that a major American city lost out on the chance to host the Olympics just because President Obama made an attempt to campaign for Chicago.

The state of Illinois, one of 50 states in a country facing horrible economic conditions — in case these people hadn’t noticed — stood to see a $22.5 billion dollar impact had the Windy City been selected.&nbsp  Yeah, I said billion.&nbsp  It would have also created 315,000 job-years for the area.&nbsp  A job-year is a fancy economic term that attempts to estimate the total number of hours of jobs created—full- and part-time, permanent and temporary—into the equivalent of full-time jobs.

When news that Chicago had lost out on its Olympic bid, reactions included cheering the loss and jeering the president, as if conservatives were so caught up in what they felt was a defeat for Obama, that they couldn’t get over themselves long enough to think about the loss for a city in our country.

Not exactly acting as patriots.

There’s something very wrong with this kind of mentality.&nbsp  It goes beyond being tasteless.&nbsp  It goes beyond being a “poor sport” or even a poor statesman.

It’s a blind competitiveness that isn’t about what’s best for the country, but what gets them one more tally in a hypothetical win column.&nbsp  And you’ll have to forgive me if I have a hard time seeing how it’s a win for this country at all.

Equally tasteless is the ultra-conservatives screaming fit about how there were more important things for Obama to focus on than trying to lure the Olympics to his hometown.&nbsp  “Like the economy, stupid,” they might say.&nbsp  An event that could bring tens of billions of dollars to our country, it seems to me, might be something that could have a positive impact on that bad economy, even if it’s a few years away:&nbsp  it would take years to really be ready to host an Olympics, and during those years there would have been new jobs.

And let’s be realistic here on two important points:

First, can these conservatives really expect anyone to believe that if George W. Bush had made a similar trip to to campaign for, say, Houston to be selected as a host city, that they wouldn’t have fiercely defended him from any ultra-liberal who dared complain?

And second, for all of these conservatives who claim that there were “more important things” Obama should have been focusing his efforts on, not a single one of them has had anything positive to say about Obama when he has been working on those more important details.&nbsp  They mock what he wants to do with the economy, they hate what he wants to do with health care, and they’re terrified of anything he even considers doing with education.&nbsp  One might think they’d actually welcome him leaving the country, even if for a day, to focus on something “less important.”

But of course, that conclusion would require thinking logically.&nbsp  And unfortunately, politicos rarely do.

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Patrick is a Christian with more than 30 years experience in professional writing, producing and marketing. His professional background also includes social media, reporting for broadcast television and the web, directing, videography and photography. He enjoys getting to know people over coffee and spending time with his dog.


  • Hi Patrick

    Yeah, it didn’t surprise me when the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin cheered Chicago losing the Olympics, they have been spouting Anti-American sentiment for like… oh… FOREVER! It’s not even cleverly disguised, it’s pretty blatent. Those who actually care about America don’t pray for the president to fail, they roll up their sleeves and actually work toward growth. The republican party and it’s pundits know all about opinion, but as for actual work… actual solutions… actual growth… actual working ideas… they are nowhere to be found. It’s so sad, but very predictable at this point.

  • Yep. I’ll only add that in my limited local news viewing there was literally NONE of this negativity mentioned, but we were told MULTIPLE times that the fountain downtown was dyed orange.

    Betcha can’t guess where I live?

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