Reporter Accidentally Called Out Sick via Email…to 200 Stations


A television reporter made a simple mistake with an email when he called out sick. His little mistake then made him go viral!

At every business I’ve ever worked for, when people called out sick, they were always told to call. Yet despite this, at every business I’ve ever worked for, when email was available, people would email instead of calling.

But for a television reporter, emailing became an embarrassing problem.

The reporter, Nick, emailed what he thought was his station to let them know he was feeling under the weather.

But there was a tiny little problem. Instead of emailing his station, he emailed his station group.

And his station group, Nexstar, happens to be the largest station group in the country. That meant that the email went to about 200 television stations.


Fortunately, his colleagues have a sense of humor.

WCMH-TV in Columbus, Ohio, a sister station of Nick’s, said the email went viral quickly. People at stations across Nexstar’s portfolio began emailing well wishes.

If you’ve ever been trapped on a “Reply All” chain, you can imagine how quickly that went out of control.

Eventually, the company was forced to suspend the email chain.

But that didn’t stop the social media sensation!

Twitter users from various stations in the group began spreading the faux pas. They even added hashtags like “#NickStrong” and “#PrayersForNick.”

I’m reminded of a line from one of my favorite movies, 1972’s Sleuth. Sir Laurence Olivier tells Michael Cane, “There’s nothing like a little bit of mayhem to cheer one up.”

I hope the attention had a similar effect on Nick.

I suppose he’ll never forget what happened. At the very least, I would imagine he’d always double-check that email recipient line in the future.

If nothing else, he knows a lot of people care!

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