Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Restaurant Receives Threats After Changing French Fries

If you think we aren’t obsessed with food, consider the restaurant whose new owners decided to change their french fries…and received threats!

First things first: how do you like your french fries: shoestring or crinkle cut?

Given a choice, I prefer the crinkle cut variety, but apparently, they’re expensive to make. And that point is what caused a backlash for a restaurant in Maine.

The restaurant’s co-owner told WVLT-TV some of their customers were more than a little upset when it changed from the crinkle-cut fries it served since 1962 to straight-cut (or shoestring) fries. In fact, the Kennebec Journal reported the restaurant actually faced threats of violence over the change.

Let me stop there for a second. I can certainly appreciate a bit of frustration over a change to a tradition. And I can understand why people might get a little aggravated if that change to a tradition comes at one of their favorite places to eat.

But at the same time, we’re talking about the shape. They’re still fried potatoes. Assuming they use the same oil and same seasoning, they taste exactly the same.

It’d be one thing if they were ditching crinkle-cut fries for something like onion rings.

But they’re switching french fries for french fries!

The reason for the change, incidentally, involves the special blades required to cut the crinkles. These blades have to be purchased monthly WVLT-TV reported.

Well that is interesting.

But they’re still french fries, no matter what kind of blade is involved.

If that’s the worst thing that happens to someone in a week, you have to admit: they’re having a pretty good week.

Out of curiosity, which national chain restaurant do you think has the best french fries?

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