Restaurant Sued Over Aptly-Named Burger

And people wonder why there’s such an obesity problem in this country!

A restaurant in Washington state is being sued by a second restaurant over the name of an unusual cheeseburger that’s enough to make a cardiologist’s heart skip a few beats.

The “Triple Bypass Burger” begins with a 12-ounce prime beef patty. Then they add cheese.&nbsp  And bacon.

Okay, I know, it doesn’t sound so out of the ordinary, yet.&nbsp  But wait, it gets much more ridiculous.

Because they then add a stack of onion rings.&nbsp  And instead of buns, they use a pair of grilled cheese sandwiches.&nbsp  I shudder to think what the calorie count would be, but I’m sure no one really wants to know.

A restaurant in Arizona already offers its own heart-unhealthy burger called the Triple Bypass, and they’ve filed a suit to force the Washington restaurant to stop using the name.&nbsp  The sued eatery is now asking customers to help come up with a new name for their…creation.

And yes, “Death on a Plate” has already been suggested.

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  • Just reading the name makes my heart quiver!
    The “Triple Bypass Burger”
    The “Triple Bypass Burger”
    The “Triple Bypass Burger”

    DO YOU FEEL IT TOO! *shivers*

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