Sanford: ‘I’m Truly Done’

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The embarrassing meltdown of a politician who made a name for himself for his frugality and high moral standards continues.

An Associated Press investigation has revealed that since he took office six years ago, he has taken trips on state planes to locations of his children’s sporting events, hair and dental appointments, political party gatherings and — get this: a birthday party for a campaign donor.

On Monday, state Sen. David Thomas sent out a press release in which he accused Sanford of wasting more than $13,700 in first class seating on trips to London and China. Other staff members and dignitaries who were on the same trips, Thomas says, flew in economy class.

During an impromptu news conference today, Gov. Mark Sanford justified his use of state planes for personal trips and his use of first-class and business-class seating instead of coach — as state regulations require, by claiming that his taxpayer-funded travel was no different than that of his predecessors.

That’s it? That’s the best he can do? “Well, everybody else does it!”

The governor has now reduced his reasoning to the point of a typical aggravated speeder caught in a traffic stop.

He then went so far as to complain that he was the victim of a “double standard” because of the affair he admitted to. Since he’s admitted to some wrongdoing, he says everyone’s looking for any excuse to criticize him.

Two immediate responses come to mind:

  1. If he had behaved as he should have, there’d be nothing for the critics to find.
  2. As soon as he started criticizing other leaders for moral indiscretions and wasteful spending, he was blatantly asking to be placed under the same microscope.

Fair is fair, Governor.

The real kicker, though, came later when Sanford was asked about critics and his own political aspirations. Sanford has long been suggested as a serious presidential contender…at least before his public admission of an affair.

Sanford acknowledged that his political future has been “clipped” and that he is “truly done.”

Still, he has no plans to leave office unless he is impeached and ousted by the state legislature. And polls continue to show, inexplicably, that there is still a majority, albeit lessening, who believe that Sanford shouldn’t step down.

It’s amazing what you can get away with if you happen to be a Republican in this state.

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