Shoppers Fight Over Black Friday Deals

There are some things that might be worth getting excited about when you’re in line on Black Friday.

A waffle maker is not one of them.

Unless, apparently, you’re in line at the Little Rock, Arkansas, Walmart and the waffle maker happens to be on sale for two bucks.

Some shopper decided to capture the ruckus with her cell phone and then upload it to Twitter. Dozens of people are shown fighting over a limited supply of the deal.

What’s so great about waffles in Arkansas?

Whatever it is, girls in Monroeville, Pennsylvania seem to feel the same way about yoga pants. One witness to a scuffle inside a Victoria’s Secret store claimed girls were literally “punching each other” as they grappled for just the right pair.

But wait: it gets worse!

A Walmart in Los Angeles saw what I hope was the worst example of bad behavior on Thanksgiving night, as a woman pepper-sprayed other shoppers to improve her chance of getting one of those limited stock Xbox game players. Twenty people suffered minor injuries, police said, including 10 who weren’t pepper sprayed, but sustained bumps and bruises in the melee.

The sprayer, unfortunately, got away, but police are checking cash register receipts to determine who purchased an Xbox. If she did get one, I hope she paid by credit card.

I scanned the very heavy local paper on Thursday morning, browsing through the various ad circulars just to see if there might be anything I’d consider getting up early (or staying up late outside) to buy.

Honestly, there wasn’t a single deal that I thought was worth my time. There wasn’t even a deal that came close to being worth my time.

I hope that if you went out into the feeding frenzy that was Black Friday, you returned home safely and relatively unscathed.

Have you ever gotten up before the crack of dawn for one of these? Did you actually get the item you came for, or had they already run out by the time you got inside the door?


  1. Update on crazy lady in LA – the police did get her on the security cameras, so she should be found soon! I certainly hope so! I put a link to that article you linked here with a message on Facebook to find this woman and turn her in to the local constabulary there! I hope someone finds her. If I were an EMT treating people for what she’d done, I’d putting signs on trees!

  2. I never, ever go out on Black Friday, cyber Monday or any other shopping place except for the mall at the very beginning of the day once we are into December.

    Everyone mentioned above is one reason why. The people trampled in a local Wal-Mart two years ago is another reason and the fact that the only thing I want to see between 23:30 and 06:00 is the inside of my eyelids – that’s IT!

    I hope the crazy woman with the pepper spray pays by credit card, too. Didn’t the security cameras get her charming face on a shot? I’d like to think that if the police don’t get her, karma will; and that her family (or at least the recipient) will revile her for the rest of her life… or if the family hears how exactly she got it, turns her into the police. I would!

    Some guy went to a Best Buy and bought something like 200 televisions. How stupid is that? He’s going to sell them.

    Christmas spirit? What’s that?

  3. I’m not a big shopper. In fact… I hate shopping. K, on the other hand, loves to shop. I think he gets that from his mother and sisters…

    One year he convinced me to go shopping on Black Friday – despite the fact that I hate crowds. (I’m short. I can’t see what is going on in a crowd) I will never do that again. That’s all I have to say about it. It wasn’t worth my time!

  4. I enjoyed the Daniel Tosh concert last night at the PAC. His Black Friday comments were scathing. He said he’s rather NOT save $20-$30 and just go in the next day with no crowd and buy an item like a normal human being. I’m sure I was the oldest person there.

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