Should Doctors Refuse to Treat Unvaccinated Patients?


An Alabama doctor recently notified his unvaccinated patients that they have to get the COVID-19 vaccine or find another doctor.

A physician in Alabama recently posted a message on social media for his unvaccinated patients. Starting Oct. 1, they’ll have to go elsewhere if they need treatment.

The Washington Post reported security settings for the post switched over to private. But they posted a screengrab. According to that, it shows the doctor pointing to a sign on his door that makes the announcement.

The text of the post reads, in part: “If they asked why, I told them COVID is a miserable way to die and I can’t watch them die like that.”

People need to get vaccinated.

I do believe the COVID-19 vaccine is safe. I became “fully vaccinated” back in April. When my doctor — who’s also vaccinated — offered me a slot, I didn’t hesitate.

I also believe that those who are hiding behind conspiracy theories and absurd rumors are posing a health threat to the rest of us. Medical experts — not the kind of experts you find on Facebook — tell us that the longer the virus is allowed to spread, the more it mutates.

That’s what viruses do.

We aren’t near herd immunity because there are too many people embracing ridiculous excuses when the should be doing their part to bring the virus under control. We’re seeing a surge in new cases that shouldn’t be happening.

The latest data strongly suggests, as several have said, that this is largely a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

If more people would protect themselves, they’d also be protecting others.

Unfortunately, we can’t even get people to agree to wear a mask without hearing lectures about “personal liberty.” One’s “personal liberty” shouldn’t even be an issue when people are dying.

But I hope this is a simple publicity stunt.

The report states Alabama has the lowest vaccination rate in the country. South Carolina’s isn’t terrific, either.

Even so, I would hope that doctors aren’t seriously going to refuse to treat people because of their vaccination status.

Maybe this is just a case of tough love designed to shock unvaccinated patients into agreeing, once and for all, to protect themselves.

If that’s the case, I hope it works.

If that’s not the case, I hope he and other doctors considering similar actions will reconsider.

The faster more people get vaccinated, the faster we can get back to normal and avoid another round of shutdowns.

No, the vaccine won’t keep you from getting COVID-19. But the evidence shows it prevents serious illness, hospitalization and death. Given the number of hospitals we’re seeing with too many cases, it’s time to get this done!

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