Star Wars on Soup Cans: A Parents’ Nightmare Ahead?


Characters from Star Wars on soup cans are now found in grocery store aisles, delighting children and creating an eventual problem for parents.

From Yoda to C3PO and R2D2, you can get a little Star Wars on soup cans from Campbell’s these days.

Hey, they probably ate soup a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, right?

The spots have been part of Campbell’s Soup’s “Real Real Life” campaign. We first became aware of them when people objected to the “real-life” depiction of a “non-traditional” family of two men raising a child. They used a little Star Wars to help get their son to eat his soup:

My favorite is called, “Mom,” and features a sick guy lying on the couch as his wife is leaving the house. He tells her that when he was a kid and felt so bad, his mother would make him chicken soup.

“Okay,” the wife says and walks towards the kitchen.

You see the satisfied smile on his face as he assumes he’s about to get that bowl of soup. But when she returns, the payoff was great:

Now, there’s the “Artudeetu Soup.” The spot, called “Arturito,” possibly after the little boy, features a mother and child in a grocery store asking a store employee where the “Artudeetu” soup is. The store employee leads them to the Campbell’s Soup aisle:

It’s not clear from the ad exactly what variety of Campbell’s Soup is contained in the cans decorated with the droid R2D2 from Star Wars. But the reaction from the child when he sees the product he wanted is priceless.

I just have to wonder one thing: what happens with the cross promotion with Star Wars ends? Stores will eventually run out of those decorated soup cans. The little boy will ask for more “Artudeetu” soup but there won’t be any; the cans will have returned to their normal design.

Will that poor little kid ever eat soup again?

How is poor mom going to explain that one?

Some disappointments in life come far too early.

What’s your favorite of the Campbell’s Soup ads you’ve seen so far?

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  1. I haven’t seen a single Campbell’s advert, since I’ve completely given up watching the telly. But if I follow what you are commenting n about kids not eating the soup after R2D2 is gone, well, there a whole host of foods they’ll no longer eat – I know the Chex Mix snacks have the Star Wars characters all over them; who knows how many other items do.
    It’s all about sales.

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