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Starbucks Puts Message Where its Coffee is


Starbucks may have more common sense than I originally suspected…and that’s saying something about a company that recently announced that it’d charge $7 for a cup of a certain kind of coffee or $450 for a stainless steel gift card.

But in their latest change, they’re taking on politicians and the so-called “fiscal cliff” by encouraging employees in its 120 Washington, DC area locations to write a simple message on their coffee cups: “Come Together.”

The company’s CEO, Howard Schultz, told Reuters that they are “greatly disappointed” and that we “deserve better.”

The very idea that again and again, our politicians refuse to make any real attempts at agreements, proposing things they know the other side will never fully accept, to almost intentionally guarantee that we’ll be “down to the wire” as a fiscal cliff looms, is an insult to the American people.

If we actually do go over this cliff, I will not vote for any politician currently in office who is responsible for not coming to an agreement. It’s not like they only had a few days to make something happen, to “come together,” as Starbucks is now suggesting. They shouldn’t have been allowed to leave Congress — and the President should be locked in there with them — for a Christmas break.  At this point, they should be working 24/7 with no pay as a penalty for acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. (I bet if that happened, they’d agree a lot sooner.)

The American people, good or bad, wield a great deal of power when they step into the voting booth. It’s about time we started using that power more responsibly: if our elected leaders can’t make things work or aren’t willing to play in each other’s sandboxes, they need to be out of a job.

Someone out there has common sense. Someone out there has a desire to compromise, keep things going and lead. Those people are the ones who need to be in office.

I honestly think this “coffee shop diplomacy” won’t have any more of an effect on them than anything that has been suggested thus far. But it’s nice to see a business trying to encourage compromise rather than encouraging division.

That’s a change all of us ought to be able to believe in.

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  1. I don’t think the message on the coffee cups will matter, either, but you are right.  We have to pay attention and get rid of the obstructionists who refuse to work toward a solution.

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