Study Says Chocolate May Work Better Than Cough Syrup (Sort of)

If you have a cough that just won’t go away and you hate resorting to cough syrup, a British story might be the best news you’ve heard all week!

I’ve never been a big fan of cough syrup when I’m battling a persistent cough from a bad cold or bronchitis.

Honestly, I rarely find a cough syrup that works as quickly as I think it should. (Granted, I’m sure I think that cough syrup should start working the moment you pour it into the spoon…but still.)

The best liquid cough medicine I’ve found is Robitussin DM. It helps you get rid of any of the gunk that you need to get rid of.

When I’ve actually had to go to a doctor for an upper respiratory infection or bronchitis, the best cough medicine I’ve been prescribed is Benzonatate, which is often known as “Tessalon Perles,” because they’re shaped like small yellowy-clear pearls.

A new study from England has decided that a cocoa-based cough syrup may perform better than the traditional cough remedy in your medicine cabinet.

No, the study doesn’t seem to suggest that popping a few Hershey’s Kisses will make your cough go away, even if that action does improve your mood.

But researchers at the University of Hull in Yorkshire, England, experimented with a cocoa-based cough medicine that still had some cough suppressant ingredients and found that test patients had less of a cough two days later than those who’d received the more traditional over-the-counter medicine.

The answer seems to be that cocoa coats better than the old-school variety does.

It makes me wonder if investing in a little chocolate milk might not be a bad idea as well when I feel a nasty cough coming on.

The study also seems to call into question whether it’s still necessary to differentiate between “dry” and “wet” coughs when choosing the right cough medicine. Can you imagine how much space it’d free up on pharmacy shelves if there weren’t 10 varieties of cough medicine to browse through for just the “right” cough?

I wonder if it’s time to test a new theory: maybe the consumption of more chocolate before a bad cough comes along might help prevent one from showing up to begin with.

This might be worth looking into.

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