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Stuffed Pet Clones: Sweet Idea or Just a Little Creepy?


We pet owners really love our companions. Stuffed pet clones might serve as one way to help us grieve the loss of a beloved dog or cat when that time comes.

The first time I heard of stuffed pet clones — there are a few different actual brand names to choose from — was when I saw a Facebook video. A law enforcement officer received a stuffed animal made to look like his K9 parter who had died. When he pulled the replica out of the box, he immediately teared up.

I did, too. I’m such a sap when it comes to dogs. I always have been.

But the world of stuffed pet clones seems to be growing. It provides grieving pet owners a way to channel their sorrow. They can pick up a stuffed version of their favorite dog or cat. They can hold it in their lap. And they can even stroke the replica’s fur.

I love my dogs. I have fond memories of every dog I’ve owned. Like most pet owners, I wish I could have had more time with all of them. It’s never easy to lose one, whether they live to old age or they die far too young.

These stuffed animal replicas can run as high as $300 when factor in shipping and handling.

That’s a steep price to pay for a keepsake.

I think it’s a sweet idea. But I also think it wouldn’t really help me grieve; it might be too much of a reminder.

Would you want a stuffed animal replica of a lost pet? Would you find comfort in such a gift?

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