Target Bans Clown Masks in Clown Scare

Minneapolis-based Target announced it is removing a variety of clown masks from its 1,799 stores and its website as this ridiculous nationwide clown scare continues.

As the clown craze continues, Target has announced it will stop selling clown masks…just in time for Halloween.

The company made the announcement this week, the Houston Chronicle reported, “amid a rash of reported clown attacks – real and fake – that have terrorized the United States in recent months.”

Though most clown masks have been removed from the retailer’s website, children’s clown costumes, oversize clown suits and “sexy clown” outfits are apparently still available for sale, the Chronicle reports.

Yes, like you, I wondered about the “sexy clown” notion, but when I searched, nothing came up. Perhaps they’re talking about their “Lulu the Clown Tutu” outfit.

A popular conspiracy theory suggests the clown scare is all a publicity stunt sparked by the remake of Stephen King’s It, which was released in 1990. Tim Curry starred as a particularly terrifying clown named Pennywise who lured children to their deaths. New Line, which is making the new version, told The Hollywood Reporter it is not involved in any way.

The author himself stepped into the fray with a tweet on behalf of the kids, saying it was time to “cool the clown hysteria” and urging people to “cheer up the kiddies:”

There are other conspiracy theories, of course, since only one theory is never enough…but so far, none have been proven anything but theory. But if it were true, there’s certainly a lot of publicity about scary clowns these days…so it looks like it would have worked.

Do clowns scare you at all? Do you understand this clown hysteria?

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