Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Target Says It Will Fight Christmas Creep This Year

Retail giant Target says it is listening to its customers this year and will help fight off ‘Christmas creep’ until after Thanksgiving.

Does it bug you to walk into a retail store and see Christmas advertising before Halloween has even happened? If so, you hate “Christmas creep.”

And you’re not alone.

Customers have, over the years, complained loudly and clearly about the practice of retailers trying to sneak Christmas advertising into their stores earlier and earlier each year. Back in 2011, Nordstrom posted signs at its stores promising to not “deck the halls” with Christmas decorations in its stores until after Thanksgiving, claiming they like the idea of “celebrating one holiday at a time.”

The sign — and the sentiment behind it — was a big hit with shoppers who tired of being forced to endure Christmas creep when they were still searching for costumes for their kids and candy for neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

Thanksgiving, of course, isn’t much of a holiday for retailers. It’s fine for restaurants (for families who prefer to eat out for the big feast) and for grocery stores (for families who prefer to do the cooking themselves). But for most other kinds of stores, Thanksgiving doesn’t exactly lend itself to huge sale themes they can capitalize on. So getting as big a jump on Christmas as possible, from a business standpoint, might make perfect sense.

In the past, Target has been quick to go wild with Christmas far too early for many of their customers’ preferences, but now they say they’re changing that as well.

While it’s not likely you’ll see no mention of Christmas in stores before Thanksgiving Day, Target has promised to “ease in holiday promotions this year while better recognizing Thanksgiving.” At store entrances, it’ll be images of Thanksgiving, not Christmas, that take center stage.

So you’ll probably find sections devoted to Christmas decorations in most stores already, but at least Target’s one more store that will tone down the Christmas imagery that smacks you in the fact as soon as you step inside.

That’s improvement, at least.

How much does Christmas Creep annoy you when you’re shopping before Halloween? Have you ever complained to store employees?

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