That’s a Wrap: No More Repeating Dates for You!


Unless you’re either reading this post decades after it was originally written or you’re young enough to be able to reasonably expect to see January 1, 2101, then you’ve seen the last repeating date — 12/12/12 — in your lifetime.

I remember a few years ago being in a Things Remembered store and listening to a couple order some custom engraving for a wedding cake knife set. They were getting married on July 8th, 2009. &nbsp That read 07/08/09.&nbsp September 9th of that same year was also a popular day to get married.

The following year, October 10th was a big day for those who couldn’t get organized soon enough to arrange an August 9, 2010 event.

Last year, a friend of mine from high school got married at 11am on 11/11/11. I was honored to be asked to photograph the event for them.

But with the passing of 12/12/12, couples planning an interesting date for their wedding only have two real options left this century:&nbsp November 12, 2013 and December 13, 2014. After that, you’ll have to find another way to have fun with dates.

Your Turn:
Did you get married or plan any big event on a date like 12/12/12?

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