The Blanket With Sleeves


The newsroom was in an uproar yesterday because someone brought a Snuggie they’d purchased. As this person tells it, she bought it as a gag gift, but then tried it and immediately became a Snuggie believer.

So we watched her little fashion show, during which she modeled what the product’s makers describe as the blanket that has sleeves.&nbsp  And looking at it in person, I realized that it’s essentially nothing more than a bathrobe that you wear backwards!

And they’ve sold something like 4 million of them.

I don’t have a bathrobe at the moment.&nbsp  The one that I had wore out a good while back.&nbsp  But I do have a little throw blanket that I picked up at Walmart a while back for about four bucks.

If I did have a bathrobe, and I was chilly, yet I wanted to read a book or watch TV and have a blanket and be able to have my hands outside of it, I’d just grab the robe, put it on backwards, a voila!

The only drawback is that if I didn’t buy the Snuggie, I wouldn’t get that nifty little book light for free.


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  • Patrick, how funny that you found this. My father, who usually doesn’t do the direct Christmas and birthday shopping, found this in a catalogue and bought one for me.

    It is very interesting and I would probably use it… but my brain, which clearly isn’t wired like most, can’t seem to “read” it. It’s confusing. It’s backwards; okay, that I can see. But when you hold it up to put it on, it is a diaphanous piece of fabric with funny placement for arms and a pocket for the feet. But I really have a hard time figuring out what end goes where. I’ll have Luis take some images, you may see what I mean.

    Then again, maybe if I had a normal brain, I’d look right at it and know what to do.


  • That’s what Leno said – “just put your robe on backwards.” The commercial shows the family outside around a fireput with marshmellows, like “Welcome to the Inquisition” time.

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