The Facebook Birthday Notification Glitch: It Isn’t Just You…

If you’re one of those people who tries to wish your friends in your network a happy birthday, there’s a Facebook Birthday glitch you should know about.

The first time it happened, I thought it was me.

The second time it happened, I was even more convinced it was me. I wondered how I was allowing myself to be so distracted while performing such a simple task.

But the third time I wished someone on my Facebook friends list a Happy Birthday, only to see a reminder pop up in the right sidebar of my Facebook feed reminding me that day was the day to wish that person a happy birthday, I knew something was up. I had said something a little more than “Happy Birthday, [Insert name here.]” I had included a reference to a private joke we’ve been chuckling about for years now.

I remembered having written the post on that person’s wall. And as memory goes, mine is pretty strong.

Still, like an obedient little simpleton, I obliged the social network giant and wished them a happy birthday for the second time. This person had received so many birthday messages on her wall over the course of the day that it wasn’t practical (and I was too tired) to scroll through them all to find my earlier one.

But then I had assumed, since Facebook said I hadn’t written on her wall, that it had been deleted.

Then I got my definitive proof it was them, not me. When people comment on posts you make on their wall, you receive a notification of that response. That day, I received two: one from the last post I made, and the other from the original post I made. The recipient apparently didn’t realize I wished her a happy birthday twice, but as I said, she’d received enough that in her effort to personally respond to each one, I can certainly understand her having missed it.

Just yesterday, it did it to me again: four people in my network had birthdays. I posted a birthday message to each one. About two hours later, one of them suddenly appeared again, indicating I hadn’t done so.

So if you see me leave you two birthday wishes on your Facebook wall the next time your birthday rolls around, you’ll understand why.

Has Facebook ever notified you of a birthday of someone you’d already posted a message to?

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