The New Diet Starts Today


If there’s any day that’s probably a poor choice to begin a new diet, it’s probably a Friday, where a weekend of endless bad food choices awaits.  That’s one of two reasons I picked Friday.

The other is that for too long, I’ve told myself, with the best of intentions, that I was going to start eating better the following Monday.

It’s time to get a jump on Monday.

While I was recently out in California, spending time with Archie and Rebekah, some very special people who are more like family than friends, I couldn’t help noticing that they’d lost weight.  Understand that these are people who never looked like they needed to lose weight, but they did anyway.  They told me their secret was Weight Watchers, which now has an online component that allows you to track food and exercise with a point system.

I’ve always been skeptical of reducing food to a number of points.  But they each say they’ve lost about 20 pounds on that plan.

So I signed up.  The idea, as I understand it so far, is that you are given a set number of points you’re allowed to eat each day.  If you go over, there’s a “bank” of weekly points that you can dip into, but you can’t carry them over.  Exercise gives you activity points that you can also use if you go over your daily allowance.

Even if, over the course of a week, you consume all of your points — daily, weekly and activity — you’re still supposed to be able to have lost weight.

The number of points you get each week depends on your weight, and I can only imagine that as you lose weight, the number of points you’re allowed slowly drops.  (I’m not looking forward to that part.)  At the moment, I have been assigned what feels like an outrageous number of daily points.  Then again, considering what I’ve allowed to pass for meals in the past few months, maybe it isn’t so ridiculous after all.

It also suggests that you start with a “modest” goal, like 5% of your current weight.

Five percent of my current weight would be a nothing compared to what I need to lose.  If I were to listen to those silly weight charts that claim to provide one’s “ideal” weight, I’d need to lose about 41%.

I am not planning on trying to lose 41% of my weight.  I’d like to look healthy, not malnourished.

In any case, I’ll be checking in from time to time on the diet, so wish me luck.  And if you know of any good recipes, let me know.  Those microwave low-point meals are only going to be doable for so long.


  1. If you follow it faithfully, WW PointsPlus works.  I did it last year and lost 60 pounds in 6 months and kept 50 off.  I do still need to watch points though at least sometimes or I will gain it back by overeating.  I was still able to eat whatever I wanted but I had to learn to eat quite a bit less and to make some healthier food choices.  I’m still learning.

  2. There is never a good day to start a diet, but there is always a good time to start a diet.
    I will regret for the rest of my life that I didn’t start dieting, I’m now diabetic. All it would have taken to prevent it was to lose 50lbs and get more exercise. Instead I wanted that extra scoop of ice cream or the baked potato with butter, sour cream. and chives.

    1. @DianaCT Don’t beat yourself up with regret: use that energy to focus on making changes you need to make. There’s more and more research suggesting that weight loss surgery (the easy way) or losing more weight on your own (the hard way) can completely cure Type 2. That itself wasn’t even a possibility as far as experts were concerned 10 years ago. They are making advances every day, so you never know what’s around the corner.

      1.  @patricksplace  @DianaCT I now have my sugar under control, I go out walking 3 or 4 times a week and I’m losing weight now  because of dieting and eating the right foods. I want to get my weight down to a BMI of 18.5–24.9.
        It was a big wake-up call.

      2.  @patricksplace  @DianaCT I now have my sugar under control, I go out walking 3 or 4 times a week and I’m losing weight now  because of dieting and eating the right foods. I want to get my weight down to a BMI of 18.5–24.9.
        It was a big wake-up call.

  3. Best of luck to you, Patrick!   
    I’ve never tried Weight Watchers but I know that some folks swear by it.  I’ve been trying to count calories recently but – after losing 10 pounds – I seem to not be getting anywhere! I’m not giving up but I’m really frustrated right now.  Perhaps I’ll look into something like the Weight Watchers program.  We’ll see…

    1. @Cathryn (aka Strange) I never tried it, either, but my friends made it sound so easy that I figured it was definitely worth a try. My particular weight means I have nearly double the number of points to work with that I recall my friend telling me he has, so for now, I don’t feel like it’s so bad of a diet. I’m sure that will change as I lose weight (and daily points from my allowance). 🙂

      I’ll definitely keep you posted.

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