The Unexpected Gender Option On the Medical Form


When filling out paperwork for an upcoming doctor’s appointment, I was a little surprised by a third gender option on the patient intake form.

I realize that some people don’t feel entirely comfortable identifying as male or female. But if there was a third gender option, what would you expect it to be?

The other day, I called my physician to set up an appointment for a checkup. Since I recently turned the Big 5-0, I figured it was time. The receptionist looks up my records and says I hadn’t come in for five years.

Five years? I didn’t think it had been that long!

Unfortunately, after three years, their computer system kicks you out. (Maybe it assumes you died!) So I had to register as if I were a new patient.

At 50, I don’t particularly feel “new”

In any case, they asked me to visit their website and fill out a registration form. The questions were very basic.

I reached the gender question and saw a dropdown bar. It offered three options. Okay, I thought, I have a progressive doctor.

I saw male and female…then the third gender option: unknown.

Unknown? Really?

A while back, Facebook released an absolutely absurd number of gender options. Some might argue that you can only be one or the other: male or female. Many of us — even if we identify as the gender we were born into — understand that for some people, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

But even the majority of folks who don’t identify solidly as one or the other still has a reasonable idea of how they identify. I suspect their answer wouldn’t be “unknown.”

I think other would have been such a better option. Other, after all, would cover non-binary and all of the gray area in between male and female.

“Unknown” makes it sound as if the person doesn’t know their own gender identity.

When I have my appointment, I’m going to have to ask ol’ Doc about that one!

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