This Might Be the Jigsaw Puzzle From Hell


The company you know from its condiments announced plans to release an unusual jigsaw puzzle you might want to give to your enemy!

If you’re a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, this one might change your mind.

I stumbled upon a story that the Heinz Corporation, makers of ketchup, Heinz 57 sauce and other condiments is releasing a new puzzle. But if you get your kicks from putting puzzles together, this one might send you to the funny farm.

That’s because it’s all red. As red as their ketchup.

There’s no picture. You won’t get help from any patterns in the image.

You just put together a giant image that ends up being the color red.

The puzzle consists of 570 pieces. I wouldn’t know where to begin. And maybe that’s the whole point.

Earlier this month, the company announced the contest. They said that since people are social distancing, they have more time on their hands. Supposedly, jigsaw puzzles have made a comeback as well.

So puzzle enthusiasts with more time on their hands might enjoy a puzzle that seems like it just might take forever to complete:

Initially, you had to win the puzzle through an online contest. The original plan called for the company to award 57 puzzles to people in countries around the world. The number 57 is a big one for Heinz, which touts 57 varieties of condiment flavors. They call the puzzles one of the slowest on earth, which also matches their advertising campaigns for their ketchup.

If nothing else, it’s a clever piece of marketing.

But Delish reported that the company put the puzzles up for sale at the website For just $24.99, you could torture your friends and loved ones with a puzzle they probably will never finish.

I don’t know how many they’ll sell, but it could be either a great gift for the most stubborn of puzzle fans or a great gag gift.

If I were going to give one, it’d definitely be a gag gift!

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