My Top 10 Life Posts of 2013


All this week, I’m highlighting the year’s top posts in my key categories here at Patrick’s Place. Today, it’s time to look back at the Top 10 Life Posts of 2013.

The “Life” category is a sort of a catch-all for posts that don’t fit as well into other more prominent categories like Faith or Talkers. Posts in the Life category can focus on money, economy, jobs, health, or stress, just to name a few.

The posts in this list all fall into the Life category, but posts on this list are not duplicated in any of the others; this is to say that if a post is a better fit in a “bigger” category, it’s listed there instead.

Here’s a list of my top 10 Life-related posts of 2013 according to stats.

1. “Coffee With the Angels – Rick Stilwell: 1968-2013”

My friend Rick Stilwell passed away suddenly in January. Rick was a guy who loved to connect people and build community. So it’s no surprise that my tribute to him brought the most people to this blog from this category.

2. “12 Obscure November Holidays Worth Celebrating”

From National Plan Your Epitaph Day to World Toilet Day, there were plenty of interesting dates worth considering in November.

3. “8 Fun Facts About Columbus Day”

People must have been bored on Columbus Day; I can’t think of a reason otherwise that so many would flock to this particular post. In any case, though, I hope there’s something you learned if you read it.

4. “17 Dangerous Passwords You Should Definitely Avoid”

It’s hard for me to believe that in 2013, there are still people using Password as their password. But if you’re one of them, please read this!

5. “14 Obscure September Holidays Worth Celebrating”

September gave us Eat an Extra Dessert Day as well as TV Dinner Day. Did you celebrate any of these?

6. “Road Sign Error Costly, But Still Funny”

Yes, Euphrata may be a challenging name to spell, but shouldn’t that be all the more reason that people would double-check their work?

7. “7 Obscure August Holidays Worth Celebrating”

Any month that contains Lazy Day is a month I’m happy to talk about.

8. “Too Short a Life”

This was my tribute to my Collie, Scottie, who I had to put down on October 30th after a few months of fighting a serious illness. To this day, I don’t know for sure whether it was neurological or cardiac, or a combination of the two. What I do know is that he just couldn’t fight any longer. I’ll always miss that dog.

9. “Children Celebrate Death in Mother’s Obituary”

I was surprised by the majority opinion of this story when I saw it on social media: kids of a woman they say abused them wrote a mean-spirited obituary when their mother finally passed away. While many offered various “Good for You!” responses, my reaction was quite different.

10. “10 Offbeat April Holidays Worth Celebrating”

April Fools Day isn’t nearly enough, particularly when you can follow it with National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day!

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