Trump Jeers ‘Gutless Politicians’ Who Won’t Disclose Booster Status


Former President Donald Trump criticized ‘gutless politicians’ who won’t say whether they took a COVID-19 vaccine booster. He’s not wrong.

Donald Trump told the One America News Network he’s listened to interviews with political leaders who won’t answer a simple question. He called them gutless politicians — and his remarks might have been a jab at Florida’s governor.

“I watched a couple of politicians be interviewed and one of the questions was, ‘Did you get the booster?'” the former president said. “Because they had the vaccine, and they’re answering like — in other words, the answer is ‘yes,’ but they don’t want to say it, because they’re gutless. You gotta say it, whether you had it or not, say it.”

Trump’s supporters credit him with cutting red tape to fast-track the vaccine’s development. Some of them eagerly credit him for doing so despite the fact that they don’t trust the vaccine themselves. That makes them walking contradictions, a fact to which they seem oblivious.

But his supporters are at least correct that Trump deserves credit for expediting the process to get the vaccine out.

I agree with Trump’s notion that politicians who won’t simply say whether they’ve been vaccinated and or boosted lack a spine.

Our political leaders, unfortunately, have a certain amount of influence on their constituents. Even when it comes to health, something about which they generally are not experts.

But as I recall, Trump didn’t immediately reveal that he took the vaccine. He also didn’t break the sound barrier in acknowledging he got a booster. So I see a little of a pot calling the kettle black here.

It’s not too much to ask.

Given that political leaders are trying to influence people and policy with respect to COVID-19, we should expect them to be upfront with their own practices.

If politicians refuse to get vaccinated (or boosted) and have a valid reason, they should say so.

If they get vaccinated (and/or boosted), and they have a valid reason, they should say so.

While we’re giving Trump credit, let’s also acknowledge that he encouraged his followers to get the vaccine. They booed him for it. (They still praise him for getting it developed, but they booed him for suggesting that they take it.) Don’t try to figure out that logic. There isn’t any.

But if these politicians, whoever they may be, are going to act like they’re epidemiologists, they ought to be willing to answer so simple a question.

Don’t ask about their own ‘medical privacy’

Sure, they have a right to privacy.

But no one forced them to run for office. When they did so, they became a public figure. They also became a person who, during a global pandemic, makes decisions that affect other people’s health.

Because they’re elected officials, the electorate needs to know their position clearly.

They may have a valid reason for not getting vaccinated. So they should explain it.

They may have a valid reason for getting vaccinated. So they should explain that.

But to try to dodge an answer — no matter what that answer is — seems dishonest. They don’t mind taking a stand with anything else involving their feelings about COVID. So why not take a stand here?

I agree with Trump. It’s gutless.

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