Unclaimed Pizza Saves Woman’s Life


No fitness instructor would approve of a certain Memphis woman’s diet, but she may well be thankful for her unhealthy food of choice.

The elderly female made a habit of ordering a medium pepperoni pizza and two diet drinks every day.

Yes. Every day.

Her routine became so…well, routine, that the local pizza restaurant just started preparing her pizza before she even called for it, because they knew she was going to call.

Until last Saturday. When they received no order from her.

On Sunday, still no order. No call on Monday, either.

That morning, the manager of the restaurant mentioned the curious turn of events to their pizza delivery driver, who decided to go to the customer’s home to check on her.

When the driver arrived, she couldn’t get an answer at the woman’s door. She asked a neighbor, who speculated that she might have just gone somewhere. Knowing the woman is reclusive, the driver rejected that notion and called 911.

When police arrived, they broke into her home and discovered that she had fallen and couldn’t get up. Literally. She was taken to the hospital where she’ll likely have more than one doctor point out about the dangers of eating only pizza.

But in this case, that oh-so-delicious, oh-so-unhealthy food proved to be her lifesaver.

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  • How ironic. On the other hand, at her age, you might as well eat whatever you want and smoke to your heart's content – what else is there to look forward to?

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