USC Scores Victory in Battle of Coaches

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As a friend of mine on Facebook put it today, “the adult in this matter moves on.” And a very fitting explanation it is.

Following the annual USC-Clemson game, Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney went on a tirade over a quote that had been incorrectly attributed to USC Head Coach Steve Spurrier.  Swinney claimed he’d heard about the quote, and assumed that it must have been authentic because he hadn’t heard a rebuttal, then went into a four-minute rant about the sentiment expressed in the quote.  A few days later, when he learned that Spurrier didn’t actually say that, Swinney refused to back down from his comments, and even tried to blame Spurrier for not picking up the phone to straighten things out.

Spurrier appeared on the SportsTalk radio program Friday and addressed Swinney’s comments.  Spurrier said he had been looking forward to seeing Dabo so that he could congratulate him on Clemson’s ACC Championship win.  When asked if he was angry with Swinney, who apparently hadn’t picked up the phone himself since learning that Spurrier hadn’t made the comment to which he responded so angrily, Spurrier responded, “Why would I be mad at Dabo?”

Spurrier added that he hadn’t heard all of the comments and didn’t care to, but declined to go into his own four-minute rant:

“I don’t want to hear it all, I don’t care what he says. It is a free country and we can say what we want.”

He added that he was most upset that he’d been misquoted, and that the person who did so would no longer be tweeting in an official capacity at USC.

When asked if Swinney needed owed Spurrier an apology about the remarks that USC’s in California, Carolina is in North Carolina, and the university of South Carolina is Clemson, Spurrier again declined an opportunity to badmouth his rival:

“That’s not my fight. That’s him and whoever wants to fight with him about it. I don’t want to get in that tussle.  I got other things to worry about.”

I think it’s quite clear who the bigger man in this battle is, and it isn’t the guy wearing orange.

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  • A very good follow up to a truly ridiculous story! Spurrier is clearly the adult in this relationship. The more Dabo opens his mouth, the more doomed he is!

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