USC Unveils New ‘UofSC’ Logos


My alma mater, the University of South Carolina, released what appears to be new branding, adding a few new official ‘UofSC’ logos for the school.

I’m a USC Gamecock, and the day after I congratulated my alma mater’s chief rival, Clemson, on their National Championship win, USC released new logos that rename it “UofSC.”

I hope I didn’t drive them to do something rash.

The main new logo, which you see as the featured image, adds a little of between the letters U and S.

The university also tweeted out a look at several modified logos:

South Carolina or California?

There’s always a chance that when I tell people I went to “USC,” they’ll ask if I’m a Trojan from the University of Southern California, that other USC. That confusion has been there since long before I was even born.

Since I’ve only ever lived in the southeast, most people automatically assumed that my “USC” was the one in the Palmetto State.

While I was a student there, the school came up with an interesting marketing strategy: they called themselves “The USC,” with an emphasis on the the. As if there could only be one.

I not certain, but I think I could hear University of Southern California alumni chuckling at that thought. I remember seeing the “The USC” logo painted on an old brick smokestack that stood near the campus in Columbia.

Some of us chuckled at it a bit as well.

Eventually, that little the quietly disappeared.

The of, on the other hand, might have a somewhat better chance of sticking around, since @UofSC is USC’s Twitter handle and seems to have a bit more consistent use behind it.

Still, when people talk about the University of South Carolina, getting them to call it “U of SC”&nbsp instead of “USC”&nbsp will be quite the challenge. I doubt that change will happen any time soon.

What do you think of the new logos?

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