Wait a Second…They Want How Much for a College Directory?

A few months back, I started getting calls about my upcoming college directory. I received these calls years earlier, so I knew what to expect…almost.

I first received a postcard about the new edition of my college directory. It’s not a yearbook. Imagine a phone book with an extra line or two per listing. You can look up your old classmates and see their current job title.

After a couple of postcards, my alma mater began calling me and leaving me a voicemail.

Week after week.

The calls just kept coming. They wanted me to call a toll-free number just so they could verify the accuracy of my listing.

But I knew it’d be more than that. They wouldn’t stop there. They wanted me to buy one of these things.

What I didn’t remember was how much they’re asking for it!

I finally got around to calling. The woman read back everything they already had on file. Though I had heard of scam warnings, I felt it was legitimate enough since they already knew everything. And I made the mistake of buying one more than a decade ago (when it was cheaper).

The one thing I changed was to correct the current job title. (They had my last job title from more than six years ago.)

I verified their details.

But it wasn’t over.

The operator then began the sales pitch. She wanted to offer me my own copy of the new college directory. With it, she’d send some college swag and a membership in my alumni association.

All for the low, low price of two payments of more than $150. What?

“No, thanks, I wouldn’t care for one,” I answered.

Undaunted, she was ready for the counter-offer. I could just get the directory, nothing else, for the low, low price of $120.

I was never popular in college. I’ve never been popular a day in my life.

I can count on one hand the number of people I went to college with who seem to have any desire to maintain contact with me. And these fools think I’m going to spend $120 for a directory so I can reach out to people who don’t remember who I am?

Not me. Sorry.

I hope they sell those directories to someone. But it won’t be me.

Have you gotten these calls before? Would you pay that for one?

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  1. One of the advantages of being trans is that when they call I can honestly say “Nope no one by that name lives here.”

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