Walking on Hot Coals Burns More Than 30 People

The obvious reaction anyone would have to headline like that would be to ask why people are walking on hot coals to begin with.

I know, I know. It sounds like such a stupid idea, doesn’t it?

Would you kick off your shoes and intentionally walk across hot coals? I wouldn’t.

But plenty of people did this week in Dallas when a famed motivational speaker encouraged them to do so as a way to “conquer their fears,” the Houston Chronicle reported.

I certainly have nothing against motivational speakers. And I certainly have nothing against conquering fears. Once in a while, the former can actually help with the latter.

But I definitely have something against a mass display against common sense.

No matter what fear or fears you happen to have, walking across hot coals as some sort of “symbol” of defeating the fears does not excuse the possibility of severe burns, not to mention what I’d think would be a significant amount of pain.

No matter how convincing a motivational speaker might be, his schtick does not influence the level of imperviousness of your skin or the temperature of hot coals.

If you can be burned without any absurd notion of defeating fears, you can be burned while doing so.

One had this to say:

I’m not even sure I could do it again, because now I have this massive fear of fire.

So much for conquering fears. In fairness, that same participant said it “appeared staff members didn’t allow the coals to cool enough before adding more to the pile.”

Walking across cooled coals would certainly have been a better idea, assuming you had to walk barefooted across coals at all.

Still, attendees say that of the roughly 7,000 people who participated — Really? Seven thousand people did this?!? — only five were actually transported to the hospital.

I hope when they’re released, they walk out of there fearless for the rest of their lives!

Would you be willing to walk across hot coals to make a point about conquering your fears?

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