What Would Be Your Answer to the Two Doors Meme?


Recently, I saw a meme being shared on Facebook that asked people to choose which one of two doors to enter for a dramatic life change.

You’re given a big choice: there are two doors, one red and one blue. Behind each is a potentially life-changing “prize.”

But which do you choose and why?

I saw this on Facebook a short time back and I was thinking about it the other day.

The choice of two doors

You can walk through either door, but only one of them. Here’s how the meme worked:

Behind the red door is the chance to magically go back in time and correct all of your mistakes that you’ve made over your life. I’m assuming that means the mistakes you’d consider the “major” ones, not every little tiny error you’ve made. Although, because the meme wasn’t specific in that regard, you’re free to assume it might mean either (or both).

Behind the blue door is $10 million in cash, but no chance to go back and correct moments when you’ve drifted off the path up until that moment.

So the question was, which door would you choose…and why?

It was interesting to me to see the answers because most people seemed adamant about choosing the door I wouldn’t have chosen.

Here’s which one of the two doors I’d pick.

With no hesitation whatsoever, my choice of the two doors would be the one with the $10 million behind it.

I’m a big believer in the notion that the mistakes we make along the way are great learning opportunities. I’ve certainly learned from mine, and I still learn from new ones I make.

But more than that, I’d worry that in correcting mistakes, as appealing an idea as that seems, I might be unraveling friendships and memories I’ve made along the way.

That might be the worst mistake I could make.

That $10 million, on the other hand, could, in its own way, potentially correct some mistakes as well as helping others.

For me, the choice was easy, but I’ve actually seen some convincing arguments on the other side.

Which door would you choose and why?

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