What’s the Best Halloween Candy? There’s No Easy Answer!

Every October, lists of the best Halloween candy begin appearing, leading to debates about why some ‘favorites’ should just go away.

Remember when you went trick-or-treating? What was the best Halloween candy options you could receive?

I preferred those little miniature Snickers bars, the ones that came in little square shapes. (I still like them, but I try to stay away from them because they’re like potato chips: You can’t stop at one.)

If there were candies I never wanted to receive, it was candy corn. I never understood the appeal of candy corn. Maybe I’ll never understand the appeal.

Different lists, different opinions

The Monmouth University Poll found a clear winner among Halloween candy. Its poll determined that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups came in first place — at 36% — as the best Halloween candy.

Monmouth said Snickers came in at second place 18%, and M&M’s took third place at 11%. Once you reach the fourth-place slot, the numbers get substantially smaller: Hershey bars (6%), candy corn (6%), Skittles (5%), Starburst (4%), and Tootsie Pops (2%).


Six percent chose candy corn? Really?

“Candy corn even making the list may surprise some people, but it is one of the top-selling Halloween candies in the country,” Monmouth University Polling Institute Director Patrick Murray said. “We don’t know if it’s one of the top-eaten candies, but it does have a fan base.”

Food&Wine, meanwhile, published a list of the most popular Halloween candies by state. The candy that took the most states, including mine? Skittles! (Second place in South Carolina, I’m sorry to say, was candy corn!)

And then comes CountryLiving.com, with a ranked list of its favorites. Milky Way comes up on top. Reese’s takes fourth place and my Snickers take fifth.

Candy corn took third.

There’s just no justice.

What’s your pick for best Halloween candy?

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