What’s With All of the Crazy Pickle Recipes?

I have nothing against pickles, but all of a sudden, I’m seeing some bizarre pickle recipes popping up that make me wonder what has happened to our taste buds!

I never realized how much you could do with pickles until I started seeing a variety of pickle recipes begin appearing online.

Some of them are mildly interesting. Others are horrifying.

This sudden pickle obsession seems to have begun about a year or so ago when fried pickles became all the rage. I’ve tried them. They’re okay.

But there are only so many fried pickle slices I care to eat before I’m ready for a different taste.

Now fast food drive-in restaurant Sonic has jumped into the middle of the pickle craze with the Pickle Juice Slushie. They’ve taken a perfectly good slushie and poured pickle juice into all that ice.

I think Time magazine said it best with this headline: “Pickle Juice Slushies Are Here to Remind Us That Nothing Is Sacred Anymore.”

I couldn’t agree more. The very idea!

Then I came across a video of a very strange-looking pickle. It wasn’t the traditional green. The wedges were a fully unnatural blood red. It turns out that the pickles are left to soak — apparently for up to a week — in a mixture of pickle juice, sugar and Kool-Aid mix. I imagine, in the case of the red pickle spears I saw, the Kool-Aid was some sort of tropical punch variety.

I can’t even imagine what that flavor combination must taste like. I am, however, fairly confident when I say that the likelihood of my giving it any try is probably equal to the likelihood that I’d win the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries on the same day.

One of the commenters, Kim, said this: “Call me a food snob but there are just some things no matter how hard ya try, you’re never going to convince me are ‘tasty.’ This is one of them.”

Maybe I’m a food snob, too.

How do you feel about the sudden craze? Are you a fan or do you pass on these pickle recipes?

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