Which Girl Scout Cookies Can You Buy? Check the Map!

When it comes to Girl Scout Cookies, we all have our favorites. But depending on where you live, not everyone gets the same selection.

When I was a kid, my favorite variety of Girl Scout Cookies was the Thin Mints. They were crisp cookies with a mint flavor covered in a nice layer of chocolate.

Over the years, my “favorite” shifted to the Peanut Butter Sandwich, which could easily be dunked in ice-cold milk for a wonderful treat.

Then, I ran across the lemon cookies they offered for years. The closest thing I’ve found to them is lemon-flavored Oreo cookies, which are two vanilla wafers with the filling in between a lemon frosting. I like those far too much.

So when Mom mentioned that there was a new lemon-flavored Girl Scout Cookies variety called Lemonades, I was ready to place an order.

There was just one problem: When I went to a nearby Girl Scout Cookies sales table outside a department store, there was no sign of Lemonades. In their place was something called Savannah Smiles. Lemonades are cookies with a Lemon frosting; Savanah Smiles are drier crispier cookies with a strong lemon flavor balanced with a dusting of powdered sugar.

So why do Girl Scout Cookies vary from place to place?

Therein lies the tale. It turns out there are two different bakeries that produce the treats. My parents live in a part of the state where Girl Scout troops order their cookies from ABC Bakers. In my part of the state, however, Girl Scout troops order their cookies from Little Brownie Bakers.

It’s like that for the entire country. Two bakers supply the cookies that the Scouts sell. That means that every individual community has either a selection provided by one bakery or the other.

And while the two companies offer similar varieties, the selection between bakeries is not identical. produced a side-by-side comparison of the offerings from each bakery for each flavor. produced a United States map showing which areas are served by which bakeries. You can see that several states are split between the two. In North Carolina, for example, the Charlotte area is served by Little Brown Bakers, while the rest of the state is served by ABC Bakers. In Florida, the Orlando area gets its cookies from ABC Bakers while the rest of the state enjoys Little Brown Bakers options.

So when you hear a friend from another area raving over how good their newly-ordered Girl Scout Cookies are, you might want to check the map before you get your hopes up too high. You might not have the option to order the same kind.

(Or you might want them to order them for you and ship you a few boxes!)

Which Girl Scout Cookie variety is your favorite?

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