Who’s the Election Winner? Keep Waiting, Folks.


If you hoped against hope that we’d know the election winner in the presidential race by Wednesday morning, you’re disappointed.

As predicted, state election commissions are counting votes. As of Wednesday morning, between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, we don’t have a clear election winner.

That fact, of course, does not stop either side from claiming they’ve won. (Or at least suggesting it.)

Early Wednesday morning, Trump claimed his side prevailed.

“Frankly, we did win this election,” he said.

The numbers don’t prove that, yet.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Biden claimed the numbers would show he won the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the presidency.

“We believe we will be the winners,” Biden said. But he urged patience.

So far, the numbers don’t prove that, either.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Biden remained in the lead with electoral votes.

The Washington Post said that three states leaning toward Biden — Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada — would give him the required number. They showed Biden with 243 electoral votes compared to 214 for Trump.

Late Wednesday, experts called Wisconsin for Biden. That puts him at 253. Arizona and Nevada would give him a combined 17. That adds up to exactly 270.

Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia are all leaning for Trump as of Wednesday. If he wins those three battleground states, that’d give him 51 more electoral votes. That would take him to 265. Add three more votes expected from Alaska and he reaches 268.

There are only 538 electoral votes to be split.

So if the Post’s scenario is correct, Biden would beat Trump in electoral votes by just 2.

That’s not a record, believe it or not. In the 1876 election, Rutherford B. Hayes won by a single electoral vote.

It’ll be a long path to victory, no matter who actually wins.

I wonder how much longer than that it will take to repair damaged relationships among people who’ve turned politics so bitterly personal over the past couple of years.

If you’re looking for a real election winner, it’s not those people.

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