Worst Tuxedo Ever


Last Updated on February 12, 2022

When I was about eight years old, I was asked to be ring bearer in a wedding of a friend of the family.

Though many weddings feature either black or white tuxedos, with the accent color being represented with bowties and cummerbunds, this wedding was different.

The signature color was baby blue. So we wore baby blue. Baby blue tuxedos. I almost couldn’t describe it, except for the fact that I actually found one very similar to it online at a site called, appropriately enough, “Bright Colored Tuxedos.”

Take this “deluxe” baby blue tuxedo, remove the hat, cane and baby blue shoes — as I recall the shoes we wore were black — and where that piping around the lapel and over the pockets in the picture is a matching light blue, imagine navy blue instead.

Same for the bowtie.

And yes, it was one of those frilly shirts, too. It was 1970s fashion madness at its worst.

Somewhere, there’s actually a picture of me in that suit. I will not be posting it. Just sayin’.

Then again, that tux isn’t nearly as bad as this one!

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