Would You Consider a Fast-Food Thanksgiving?


Last Updated on November 26, 2021

If you’re tired of the traditional turkey (or the work that goes into prepping the big meal), would you ever consider a fast-food Thanksgiving?

A fast-food Thanksgiving, admittedly, doesn’t sound that appealing to me for a turkey day feast. But Hardee’s is hoping there are enough people willing to give it a try.

My mom just had knee replacement surgery. So it’s entirely possible she may not be up to cooking a Thanksgiving dinner this time around. We actually talked about going to my favorite restaurant, Zesto, for their incredible fried chicken. Yeah, I know that’s fast food. But I consider Zesto to be in a league all its own.

Hardee’s, meanwhile, decided to try its own take on Thanksgiving dinner this year. But they’re only making the offer to one test market. More on that in a moment.

So what does this fast-food Thanksgiving look like?

Hardee’s is trying to start with the traditional flavors of the holiday feast.

They’re replacing turkey and stuffing with “stuffing chicken tenders,” which it describes as all-white meat chicken tenders hand-breaded with a sage and herb-flavored breading. Instead of fries, they’re including sweet potato waffle fries.

Then comes the most “controversial” ingredient in the box: Toasted Onion Green Beans. It’s a take on the traditional green bean casserole. They take crispy green beans, add a toasted onion breading and fry them golden brown.

I’ve never been a fan of green bean casserole. (And it turns out I’m not alone in that sentiment.) This at least sounds interesting…even though I still might not care for it.

If I’ve managed to whet your appetite for their “Thanksgiving in a Box,” now I have to tell you about the catch. This year, they’re testing it only in one market. So to take advantage of their take on the holiday alternative, you’ll have to travel to Jacksonville, Florida. The meal is available there now through early December, or while supplies last.

If such an option was available near you, would you try it over your traditional Thanksgiving dinner?

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