Would You Try a Spam-Oreo Sandwich?

©Anthony Baggett/123RF

The famed Golden Arches introduced a strange new menu offering: a Spam-Oreo sandwich that combines two tastes that should never meet.

If you didn’t visit McDonald’s in China last week, you missed your chance to try a Spam-Oreo burger.

Here’s where I would normally tell you I’m not making this up. I’m not…but I wish I were.

ABC7 in New York reported the McDonald’s China menu described it this way:

“Tender and juicy,” “full of meatiness” and with “a hint of sweet aftertaste” that amounts to “an unimaginable double surprise.”

I don’t feel any shame in telling you that I’ve tried Spam. From time to time, I used to slice it into patties and fry it. I’d melt a piece of American cheese and put it between hamburger buns. It tasted like a fried ham sandwich.

I enjoyed it for what it was. Of course, I have to be in the right mood for something like that…and I’m not in that mood very often these days.

As for Oreos, I like them, too. Although I will say that of all the varieties they make, I prefer the lemon Oreos the best.

Since my Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis back in January, of course, I don’t eat Oreos. I even have to resist those wonderful lemon Oreos.

But the thought of mixing Spam and Oreos — regular or lemon — does absolutely nothing for me.

Maybe I’m the weird one here.

A lot of people love the salted caramel combination. I hate that, too. I like salty snacks. And I love the taste of sweet caramel.

But I like salty snacks because they’re salty. And I like caramel because it’s sweet. When you add sweetness to something salted or add salt to something sweet, you’re interfering with the flavor.

Years ago, I attended an awards dinner. The dessert was a wonderful carrot cake. But in the bottom of the fancy dessert plate was this thick raspberry gel. The mild, sweet flavor of the carrot got lost in that tangy, tart raspberry gel.

If it works for the Chinese, more power to them.

But a Spam-Oreo burger is definitely not my kind of burger.

I think I’ll just stick with the McRib, thank you very much.

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