Yikes! My Local Chick-fil-A is About to Close for 5 Months!


A terrible calamity is about to befall my community: a Chick-fil-A that does incredible business at all hours is closing for renovations!

When a Chick-fil-A opens in a neighborhood, some consider it big news.

But when a popular location announces they’re closing down for a while, some act like that’s even bigger news.

A location near me (and my workplace) will close on Friday. The doors won’t open again until some time in November, according to their Facebook page.

The closure, they promise, is temporary, but for diehard CFA fans, five months feels like an eternity, not anything temporary. I do think that for the most part, my community will survive the blackout. After all, the next-closest Chick-fil-A is just three miles away or so.

But to hear some talk, they’re already anticipating chicken sandwich withdrawal.

(For those people, I look at it this way: they’ll have one more thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!)

The reason for the renovation, I’m told, is so they can completely demolish then rebuild a new, better-designed store that can handle two drive-thru lines.

This place is incredible, particularly at lunch. They have employees standing outside taking orders long before cars reach the order station. It speeds the process a great deal, but there are routinely lines that wrap around the building and out into the parking lot of the mall in which the restaurant is located.

This restaurant’s success shouldn’t be a surprise. Nationally, the chain is now the third largest in the country. And it didn’t just move up one or two spots, according to Business Insider:

Chick-fil-A moved up from the No. 7 spot on last year’s Nation’s Restaurant News’ Top 200, passing Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Subway. Chick-fil-A’s system-wise sales grew 16.7% in 2018, up from $8.97 billion.

The service at Chick-fil-A does stand out. It’s not just, as some have said, that they train their employees to say “thank you” and “my pleasure,” although that certainly doesn’t hurt.

It seems that they train their employees to actually focus on the customer, to be friendly, to actually speak and act like they’re glad the customer’s there.

No one in fast food is always happy at their job. But at Chick-fil-A, somehow, the employees manage to not act as though they’re miserable, even if some of them happen to be.

Aside from those chicken sandwiches, I’ll miss that attitude for the next five months. I just wish more fast food workers would pay attention and step up.

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