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Chaperones Attempt to Clean Up ‘Dirty Dancing’ with Lysol


You’ve probably heard by now the story about some Colorado volunteer chaperones who shouted insults at several female dancers and then sprayed them with Lysol disinfectant.

ABC7 in Denver reported that the volunteers allegedly called the females “whores” and “sluts” before dousing them with Lysol.

One of the women’s attorneys says there was no Lysol, but the local police department said several students’ accounts of what happened backed up claims that some students had to leave the prom after the spray hit their clothing and got into their eyes and mouths.

Even if you believe, as one police report claims one of the volunteers complained, that the student dancers were dancing in a manner that appeared that they were “having sex with their clothes on,” how does one come to the conclusion that spraying Lysol is going to “disinfect” their intent?

Not to mention the even more obvious question: who walks around with cans of Lysol at the ready?

Maybe I’m missing something here in this age of germophobia, but do you walk around with Lysol spray? Hand sanitizer may be one thing, but disinfectant?


Meanwhile, ABC7 also reports that as a result of this incident, the school district will take steps to instruct parent volunteers on the “proper protocol” for chaperoning events.

I would think that should have been done before, not after.

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