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Fox is planning a new reality show along the lines of The Bachelor, but with a twist.

Because, as we know, all reality shows have to have a twist of some kind.

This new series still has the premise of bringing in a line of ladies all hoping to be chosen by the show’s single leading man.  But this time, that leading man will reportedly have a glandular condition.  Or he’ll have some strong resistance to exercise.  Or maybe he’ll just be big-boned.

The new show will be called…ready for this?…The Fatchelor.

I agree with Bob Sassone over at TV Squad:

“Something tells me that a show titled The Fatchelorette would cause controversies and get various groups in an uproar, but having a fat guy in it is funny!”

He wonders whether or not the female contestants will be overweight as well.  Well what would be the fun of that?

The intrigue lies in a group of slender, beautiful women who are all fighting tooth and nail to wind up with the big fat slob.  That’ll give us week after week to wonder why.

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