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Woman Claims New Year’s iPhone Glitch Got Her Fired


People who depend on an iPhone to do their alarm tasks for them may have been in a pickle on New Year’s Day because of a glitch that kept alarms silent.

While the issue has since been addressed by Apple, a New York waitress, in an open letter to Apple’s Steve Jobs posted on The Huffington Post claims that this alarm failure directly cost her a job.

In the letter, she explains that she worked from 3:30pm to 4:00am on New Year’s Eve, then was supposed to report to work for a double-shift on New Year’s Day beginning at noon. She set her alarm clock to ring at 10:00am:

“When I don’t get to bed until 5 a.m. because of a late night of work, I am prepared for the fact that I will only get 4 or 5 hours of sleep; yet, my body will not naturally wake up on that amount of sleep. An alarm clock is the only way to ensure that I am up on time to go serve brunch to people much like you, your friends, and your family. While such a job may seem insignificant to some, it is the only thing keeping me paying $100/mo for my iPhone service.”

She readily admits that an alarm clock is her only solution. She must be new to the world of computers, and for those who haven’t realized it, yet, smartphones are computers, subject to random glitches and total hangs just like your desktop PC. They’re also subject to shutting down if a battery dies.

They’re not perfect. Sometimes, even an iPhone locks up.

She continues:

If [Mr. Jobs] had warned me about the glitch, I could have at least picked up a $5, battery-operated alarm clock that would have saved my job.

She somehow has the money to buy an iPhone and pay a hundred bucks a month for it, and that $5 battery-operated alarm clock is somehow beyond her means?

Sorry, not buying that one.

But wait! It gets better:

Upon my termination, I was told that I was wonderful, but that my tardiness was unfair to the other employees.

I’m definitely not buying this one. Sorry, but a model employee doesn’t get fired for being late one time, particularly when this particular iPhone glitch is so well-publicized.

If, for some reason, her employer is so ridiculously obsessed with punctuality that he can fire an exemplary worker for being late one single time with absolutely no other issues at all, then I think this woman is a lot better off finding work elsewhere. The stress associated with working with someone that unreasonable would likely be unhealthy for someone who was struggling just to be able to pay the rent (and her iPhone bill).

But if her tardiness on a holiday during which she was supposed to be working a double-shift was merely the final straw and other issues were already in place that contributed to her termination, the blame isn’t Jobs’s.

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