Would You Sail on Titanic II?

They’re building a great ship that will be called The Titanic.

No, you haven’t suddenly found yourself back in time. Clive Palmer, chairman of Blue Star Line, the company that sailed the original Titanic on its ill-fated maiden voyage in April, 1914, is building Titanic II and staying as close as is reasonably possible to the original luxury liner’s design to give today’s elite a taste of what luxury in the early 20th century felt like.

Ticket prices will even include period costumes that guests will be expected to don to get the full experience. It will even follow the same path the original attempted: from Southampton to New York City.

This time around, at least, there’ll be enough lifeboats for all of the passengers…just in case. And one can only imagine they’ll address the design of those watertight bulkheads that didn’t extend high enough to prevent the original from sinking after it struck an iceberg.

Palmer also says he wants to avoid internet service and television on his ship. It’s hard to imagine that there’d be zero internet service available, though it’s possible that there might be only internet service to navigational systems and ship services. But no matter how far Palmer is willing to take his obsession for authenticity, it’s clear that he wants no high-tech distractions on this voyage.

It’ll be a few years past the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking, but even so, might that still be “too soon?” What happens when the ship reaches New York and begins preparing for its return voyage? If I had relatives on the original, I think I’d feel funny about seeing a new Titanic accomplish what its predecessor couldn’t. I’d hope they would acknowledge, perhaps at the hour of the sinking, the lives lost.

Then again, if I were actually on the ship — and that’d be a big if — I’d probably not want to think about that until I was back on dry land.  I’d have a hard time boarding a ship named Titanic. Talk about tempting fate!

I think if it were me, I’d have named the replica the Millvina Dean, in honor of the last-remaining survivor of the Titanic, (and in tribute to all of those who were lost). Dean passed away in 2009 at age 97; I wonder what she’d have thought of this idea.

Something about the name Titanic, to me, ought to be “off limits.” What about you?

Your Turn:
If money were no object, would you be on the Titanic II? Would you be more or less likely to sail on a replica ship named something else? Does it bother you to see a new ship carrying the Titanic name?

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  1. I assume there will be a basement level for us poor folk, complete with bars so that we won’t just appear to mingle with the righteous whenever we feel like it.
    I’m not creeped out by the name or the legacy, but I have to wonder: after the coolness factor of the design and the discomfort of the period costumes wears off, in the absence of television or an Internet connection, what are we supposed to do?

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    1. This also begs the biggest question of all: would you really, really want to risk ending up in a big catastrophic event akin to the sinking of the original Titanic and not be able to tweet about it?

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  2. I wouldn’t sail on anything right now. Things just don’t seem to be going well on cruise lines. I think I’ll just pass. However, in spite of that, I think I’d skip the Titanic.

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  3. I’m not at all superstitious and it really seems like this would be neat, so yeah!  I’d do it if money were no object! Sounds like a lot of fun!

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      1. patricksplace Cathryn (aka Strange) Sure would!  In fact, with no electronics, I’d probably write a lot of postcards out in my spare time!

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    1. wonderoftech Supposedly, this time around the ship DOES have enough lifeboats for everyone. (It’s STILL hard for me to believe that they didn’t think insufficient lifeboat capacities couldn’t somehow be a problem back then.)

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      1. patricksplace wonderoftech Yes, the arrogance was amazing. The original Titanic was supposedly “unsinkable”. 
        Six years ago I was booked on a cruise ship in Greece that sank on the day i was supposed to board for my voyage. The Sea Diamond is at the bottom of the Adriatic now. Two people died  when the ship sank. But I still enjoy cruises…

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  4. @dougiepen @dadofdivas Actually, it does have enough life boats this time around. #WhatAConcept

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  5. I wouldn’t for at least a year. My main objection has nothing to do with the Titanic name, but instead with the timing relative to the Carnival Triumph fiasco.

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    1. skquinn Yeah, this makes a lot of sense to me. I definitely wouldn’t want to be on the maiden voyage…but maybe after hearing a few reviews, I could be persuaded!  🙂

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