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‘Of’ What Were They Thinking?


Okay, grammar fans, it’s time for another quick lesson.

Remember back to your grade school days when you learned all about these neat little things called contractions.

There was don’t instead of do not.

There was they’re instead of they are.

And there was could’ve instead of could have.

Could have. Not could of.

If Facebook has proven anything, it’s the lacking linguistic aptitude of the masses. I see status message after status message from people trying to butcher the English language for no apparent reason.

It’s one thing that someone posts something that is clearly wrong on their status, then posts a follow-up status correcting their mistake: you can delete status messages and repost them correctly.

But these are people who apparently don’t even know enough about contractions to realize that what they “should of” said was that they should have thought before they wrote.

That’s why the contraction form ends in ’ve, not ’f.


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