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Doing Chicken Wrong

One day last week, I had a taste for a little Original Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I know, I know…that stuff has no place on the menu of someone on a diet.  But hey, I’ve lost seven pounds since last weekend, so get off my back.

Anyway, back to my little rant.

So I dropped by the nearest KFC during my lunch hour.  I drove up to the drive-thru order board, and after giving them my order, they told me there was a 22 minute wait on chicken.

Seriously?  Twenty-two minutes to wait for chicken?  At 1:00 in the afternoon?  I told them, “Nevermind” and drove off.  That evening, the craving for the Colonel’s recipe still on my mind, I went back to the same restaurant.  It was about 7:30pm or so.  This time they were 18 minutes away from having chicken available.

Once again, I drove off.  Something’s wrong with a Kentucky Fried Chicken restuarant that can’t keep chicken cooked.  I have no experience in food service, because I was always afraid I’d be the one eating all of the profits, but it seems to me that when you see you’re getting low on an item, you should make more before you run out.  Not after.  And if you don’t start cooking more soon enough so that you end up running out anyway, then you should learn your lesson and plan accordingly the next time.

So I had the same craving again this week.  The other night, I went back.  It was a little later in the evening, but the restaurant was still more than an hour and a half from closing, so one should expect that they’d still be ready to serve.

Not so.

This time, they told me it’d be 11 minutes until chicken was ready.  Somehow, the delay is getting a little less each time, but there still shouldn’t be a delay.

Okay, I thought, maybe there’s a message in there somewhere for me.  (I don’t know why, but I tend to think to myself in italics.)  Maybe it was a way of reminding me that this isn’t diet-healthy food.  So I recalled that KFC just added grilled chicken to their menu.  I asked for that.

It seems that they were out of all varieties of chicken at the same time: it didn’t matter whether I wanted original recipe or grilled…either was still 11 minutes away from being ready.

There was a time when KFC advertised that they did chicken right.  The chicken itself may be right, but someone in this restaurant’s kitchen is clearly doing something wrong.

After driving off for the third time, there’s at least a little good news: the craving for that Original Recipe seems to have waned.  Might as well have…can’t seem to find any when I want it, anyway.

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  1. Chuck: These three instances all happened at the same location. There are several KFCs in Charleston, but this one is closest to me. Visiting the others isn’t all that practical, particularly during lunch hour. Bad apple? Sounds like it.

    Jeff: Good idea, but it’s entirely possible they might not catch the humor. I will admit that it occurred to me to ask them why they were taking my order at all if they had no chicken to offer. Should have done that.

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  2. I don’t go to KFC at all but I’m curious: were these delays all at the SAME place? Maybe just a “bad apple?” Aren’t there several stores in Charleston?

    Or, take it as a message from your heart.

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