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Still Missing the Colonel

Over the weekend, after my aforementioned work with Habitat for Humanity, I found myself on a part of town with a KFC other than the one that failed to have cooked chicken available on three different occasions over the course of a few days.

So I tried that one.  Hey, there’s something about those 11 herbs and spices….

I drove up to the window and ordered.  The woman apologized, saying they had no white meat chicken.  No breasts, no wings.

“None?!?” I asked.  “Of any variety?”  Honestly, I really wanted that Original Recipe, but I’d have settled for the new grilled variety.

“No, sir.  I’m waiting on the chicken truck.”

Hmm.  The chicken truck.

That’s comical.  I wonder if it has “The Chicken Truck” painted down the side in big, bold red letters.  It ought to have a siren and flashing yellow lights to warn drivers that they’re on a mission to deliver chicken to KFC restaurants who inexplicably find it impossible to keep chicken cooked — or stocked at all.

The main thing I don’t understand is this:  if a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant runs out of chicken, why would it even stay open?  I’d have closed.

Out of embarrassment.

I think I’m officially done with KFC now.  I’ve learned it’s a great place to go when you’re really on a diet.

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  1. I went to a KFC in Dalian (China) just before lunch, and TWICE they said they had no chicken for 15 minutes. The store hadn’t run out of it, they’d just not got any out of the freezer.

    Still, that’s Chinese planning for you.

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  2. I’m enjoying the ongoing saga of Patrick versus KFC. In fact, I can see it becoming one of the great Supreme Court cases of all time: PKP v. KFC.

    I think these posts deserve their own tag.

    (Unless the Tag Store is out of tags.)

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  3. I absolutely love original recipe KFC; Cliff doesn’t. He says it’s too greasy. Personally, I like grease. What I don’t love is how filthy some of the local KFCs are. I usually have some of their chicken on or around my birthday. That’s it for the year.

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