Start Here!


Since we all need a starting point, let’s start here.

So what’s this site about?

Simple question. Complicated answer.

First and foremost, it’s this:

I try to look at various topics and find a commonsense solution where there’s a conflict. And let’s face it: we live in a world full of conflict!

I won’t try to pretend that I possess some corner of the market on common sense, but I tend to be pretty good at finding it when it seems both sides of a given situation have lost touch with it.

In terms of subject matter, it’s a little of everything. As you can see from the navbar, I don’t restrict my posts to a single topic like the blogging gurus say I’m supposed to. Why? Because life itself isn’t restricted to a single topic.

So here’s what you’ll find here (and each category title is clickable so you can explore a bit):

  • Blogging: I’ve been blogging now for more than 13 years, and while I’d certainly never say I have all of the answers, I definitely have some opinions about how it should be done, especially with respect to so-called “blogging rules” some say should never be broken.
  • Faith: I’m a Christian, but I don’t necessarily agree with everything church people insist that the church should stand for. I post my thoughts about being part of a team at a growing interdenominational church that definitely breaks the mold and my own thoughts on the spiritual journey.
  • Grammar: Grammar is the most popular topic here, and since I’m a grammarian, I like to talk about it. Sometimes, it’s more about trends in writing or communication rather than grammar issues specifically.
  • Hot Topics: These are trending stories that I’ll sometimes offer an opinion on or discuss why I feel popular opinions about them may miss a key point or two.
  • Journalism: I talk about a variety of topics on the news business here and give my take on stories about the news media.
  • Life: This category is something of a catch-all: it includes sub-topics like consumer stories, health, holidays and other “home” or family-related pieces.
  • Saturday Coffee: This is a special category I launched in 2015. I try to write this one as if I’m talking with you over a cup of coffee. These pieces might be a bit more in-depth or a bit more personal.
  • Tech & Web: In these posts I talk about the latest gadgets, trends in social media and interesting stories about the internet and how it’s making our lives better (or worse).
  • TV: This is a broad category that encompasses TV, movies, books and more. With more than a quarter century of local TV experience, I sometimes give my take on the industry or tell stories relating to parts of the biz that I’ve seen or celebrities I’ve met.

Why listen to me?

That’s a fair question.

I’ve worked in television for more than 25 years, and have spent almost all of that time directly involved in writing and currently managing digital platforms. So that gives me a bit of experience in the subjects of TV, Journalism, Grammar, Tech & the Web, and various Hot Topics I see covered on a daily basis.

I started this little blog way back in 2004, which means I’m well into my 12th year. I’d say that gives me plenty of experience on the subject of Blogging.

I’ve been a Christian for more than 30 years, and I spent nearly eight of those years working behind the scenes in a non-denominational church tech team. I don’t agree with everything Christians say, so I hope you’ll be interested in my take on Faith.

That covers the majority of the topics right there. Life is something we all have to do, one way or the other, and I write about a variety of topics there. Then Saturday Coffee is a special category where I write about various personal pet peeves and what you might consider “extended takes” on topics I might cover in other categories.

It won’t take long to get to a topic you’re interested in.

I post daily. I didn’t start off that way, but back in 2013, I experimented and proved to myself that I could post something every day, and at this point, I’m too stubborn to break the streak!

So sooner or later, I’ll cycle back to a topic area you’ll be interested in!

There are just a couple more things you should know.

We’re adults here, I realize, but even so, I tend to be somewhat turned off by blogs that seem to use profanity just for the sake of using it. As a general rule, I try to keep the profanity to a minimum and try to follow the guidelines of what might typically be allowed on broadcast television. (That’s broadcast, not cable.) If you’re looking for a blog that drops the F-bomb left and right, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed here. However, I don’t feel profanity for profanity’s sake is either informative or useful.

Then there are comments. I have a comment policy, but it boils down to this: be respectful. I use the Livefyre comment system, and you can either sign up for a Livefyre account, login through one of your social media channels or just log in as a guest: I wanted to allow you the opportunity to make it as fancy or as simple as you wanted.

I try never to attack specific people, but rather opinions held by people. My goal isn’t to make it personal, but rather to consider how certain points of view may not always make sense.

We won’t always agree.

I don’t mind if you disagree with me or my other visitors. I do mind if you aren’t kind in the way you express your disagreement. That’s not unreasonable.

I’m glad you’re here and I hope you’ll be back.

No, I don’t expect you to visit every day. You can sign up for the newsletter on the sidebar and it’ll alert you whenever there’s something new. I hope when you see a topic that does interest you, you’ll drop in, say hello and have your say.