Church Begins Holding Bible Study at a Bar

If I mention the words Bible study, which locations are you most likely to think of? For me, it'd be inside a church or inside one's home. There are precious few alternatives that come immediately to mind. But in Columbia, South Carolina, parishioners at a Catholic Church are holding their...

From Barista to Bartender?

Coffee giant Starbucks is testing the sale of beer and alcohol in one Seattle location, hoping it might spark a new level of interest from consumers. Beer and wine go on sale after 4:00pm, and the store now features a new coffee bar that now doubles as a traditional bar....

Party Day

Though the actual day doesn’t hit until Wednesday, this is the day many will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and by “celebrate,” I mean, “get drunk out of their mind with no regard for anything Irish or the significance of St. Patrick himself.” I’m not a huge fan of beer, green or...

Gone Too Soon

In light of recent headlines, I thought I’d take a look at how many celebrities we’ve lost to drugs. WCBS-TV in New York compiled a list of 79 famous people who were killed by drugs in one way or another; for example, some died of overdoses, some died of complications...
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I just ran by Wal*Mart and picked up a few groceries, including a bottle of wine. For some reason, when the cashier scans anything with alcohol, the register’s display asks if the customer is over 27. Why 27? As far as I know, none of the states allows anyone under...
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“Victimless” Crimes?

Over at Armand's journal, "Un-Common Sense," a debate has been raging about the concept of "Vicitmless Crimes." There are plenty of people who support the legalization of marijuana who seem to think that smoking pot constitutes a "victimless crime." One of their arguments is that unlike alcohol, one cannot overdose...
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