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Why I Decided Self-Hosting was Right For My Blog

Self-hosting gives you more control of your content, but it comes with a price. Literally. Here’s how I came to the decision, even after doing the math. When I started Patrick’s Place back in February, 2004 — wow, that seems like a long time ago now — I was using AOL’s blogging...

Comment 8,500*

Patrick’s Place hit a milestone overnight: the 8,500th comment reported by WordPress.  But there’s a little catch, noted by the asterisk next to that big number. The original version of this blog, from about 2004 to 2006 or so, existed on AOL.  That service, at the time, had its own...

Gone in a Flash

Almost three years ago, I registered the domain where you’re reading this blog. Prior to that time, Patrick’s Place existed on Blogger, having moved a couple of years before that from AOL. Ever since relocating to this domain, I added a piece of code to the top of the HTML...

Best Blogging

A recent edition of the Patrick’s Place Poll asked which blogging platform my readers preferred.  The top two platforms are ones this blog has used over the past five years.  Here are the results: 38.5% Blogger 38.5% WordPress 15.0% Other 8.0%  LiveJournal I wonder what the “Other” might have been. ...

Theme Talk

When this blog began, more than five years ago now, back in AOL’s J-Land, there wasn’t a whole lot I could do with the layout.  I had a choice of background, text and link color, and I could change the typeface of the posts themselves.  But that was about it. ...
Tech & The Web

America’s #1 People Search? Big Deal!

I’ve gotten a few emails recently — I assumed they were spam — alerting me that someone wanted to friend me on some service called Funny thing is, I’m not a member on  I had never even heard of it. So I visited the site, and discover that...
Tech & The Web

Taking Advantage?

My parents don’t know a great deal about computers.  And like a lot of people who don’t know a great deal about how computers work, they can sometimes be taken advantage of by repairmen who want to act like they know all there is to know. My parents have been...

One Day, They’ll Understand

I was browsing a few blogs at AOL while I still can; as of November 1st, AOL’s J-Land will be no more.  It’ll just vanish into a blogospheric black hole when someone hits the big “purge” button.  AOL has worked out some kind of deal with Blogger to make it...

A Long Time Coming

Back in December of 2005, after nearly two years of blogging, I made a decision that got me in a little hot water with some of my regular readers:  I decided to move my blog from AOL, where it had been since I first launched it in February, 2004, to...
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