Should Novelists Blog?

No, says Miss Snark, the literary agent at her blog of the same title: Blogging sucks up time like a hoover. None of my novelists blog unless they are on the road. I asked. They're busy writing their novels, or writing to me, or writing to their fans. Mostly they're...

Vivi Awards Nominees

This year, I produced the Vivi Awards, an annual peer recognition event for the AOL Journals community. I wanted to include the nominees of the various categories. Note that since the banner ads fiasco, some of these journals may have shut down or gone private. JOURNAL OF THE YEAR 2005:...

Does Your Blog Measure Up?

John Scalzi of "By the Way" recently provided a link to the Top Ten Design Mistakes for Weblogs, as opined by Jakob Nielsen. Scalzi took great exception to point number 10, and to a lesser extent, I do as well. But here are my takes on all of Nielsen's "usability...

Journals Editor Gets ‘Em Riled Up

I wonder if people are still upset with Joe, the friendly Journals Editor over at AOL, who recently riled up his audience with the suggestion that blogs are boring. Over at his blog, "Magic Smoke," he claimed all blogs are boring because they fall into one of two categories: 1....

Another Call to AOL

I have spoken with "Rodney" at AOL's Customer Service Center in Virginia. He has given me more answers to clarify -- and correct -- the misinformation given to me by previous operators. The answers I am about to supply are not verbatim, but I do feel that they correctly represent...

Armand is Back!

Armand declares a partial, if pyrrhic, victory in his battle to have his primary journal, "Un-Common Sense," reinstated. I'm glad that his journal will begin to reappear, but I am amazed that they would have taken the extreme measure of deleting it in its entirety for a supposed Terms of...

A New Bit of Information

Armand, formerly of "Un-Common Sense," has a new journal. What he has uncovered about the entry on the old journal on the date of the alleged Terms of Service violation will likely leave you scratching your head. This is a serious matter for AOL Journals. If we are to be...

AOL Journal Controversy

Armand of "Un-Common Sense" has asked that I reproduce this letter he has forwarded to AOL's Journal Editors. I have recently read on another journal that a similar situation occurred to someone else. Is AOL being hacked by people who are trying to use other user's FTP space? If Armand...
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