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In Breaking News, Consider the Source…and Their Sources

When word of breaking news begins appearing, you have to go past the old saying, ‘Consider the source.’ On Thursday, we learned actor and comedian Garry Shandling died at age 66. It was reported Shandling died suddenly, likely of a heart attack. Shandling was known for his Garry Shandling Show...

Reporter Nearly Struck by Careening Car On Live TV

Anything can happen on live television, a lesson a Northern California reporter nearly struck by a car found out Tuesday morning. If you've ever doubted that one's life can radically change in an instant, a video of a California reporter's near-tragedy during a live shot Tuesday morning might just change...

2015 in Review: What a Year It Has Been

It's quite an undertaking to put 2015 in review. Like every other year, this one has had its share of big, notable stories. But particularly to South Carolina, and more specifically to Charleston, it has been a year like none I can remember. It's rare that Charleston, the Holy City,...

Would They Rather The Media Stay Silent on Severe Weather?

When people complain about coverage of pending severe weather, what do they really want? Sustained winds within Hurricane Joaquin had strengthened enough for the storm to reach Category 4 status. A storm of category 3 status or higher is considered a "major hurricane." Most of the storm tracks have Joaquin...

Viewers See News Crew’s Murder on Live Television

Viewers in Virginia, and subsequently, everywhere else, witnessed a murder on live television this morning. Murders happen on television every day. Most of the time, fortunately, they are plotlines in scripted dramas. This morning wasn't one of those cases. A news crew with Roanoke CBS affiliate WDBJ-TV was conducting a...

NBC, TMZ Accused of ‘Rushing to Report’ in Clippers Coverage

NBC and TMZ were accused of failing to overcome the pressure of rushing to report unconfirmed details to news consumers in Clippers coverage as speculation swirled about punishment for team owner Donald Sterling. The Associated Press story seems eager to condemn NBC and TMZ for speculating about penalties for Donald...
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