In Breaking News, Consider the Source…and Their Sources

When word of breaking news begins appearing, you have to go past the old saying, ‘Consider the source.’ On Thursday, we learned actor and comedian Garry Shandling died at age 66. It was reported Shandling died suddenly, likely of a heart attack. Shandling was known for his Garry Shandling Show...
saturday six
Saturday 6

Saturday Six: A New Life for an Old Name

I bet you didn't think you'd see that title again on a blog post here. And if you felt that way, I honestly can't say I blame you. After all, the Saturday Six was “retired” as a weekly feature back in November after 555 editions. That old version featured six random...

Famous or Infamous? Why They Aren’t Interchangeable

Should it be famous or infamous? For some writers, the words mean the same thing and can be interchanged at will. They aren’t and they can’t. I’ve seen people use the word famous when they mean infamous and, even more often, I’ve seen people use infamous when they merely mean...

Actor Tweets He’ll Still Call Caitlyn Jenner ‘Bruce’

Actor Drake Bell brought social media ire on himself with a tweet posted to his account stating he’ll still refer to Caitlyn Jenner as Bruce. A tweet posted to the verified Twitter account of actor Drake Bell — I had to look him up to figure out what he’s actually acted...

AP Sends Unusual Correction on Robert Durst Arrest

When millionaire Robert Durst was taken into custody earlier this week, the Associated Press included one little detail that was blatantly incorrect. You have to give them credit: when the Associated Press makes an error, they make it very clear they goofed in the first place. The headline to the...
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How Many Accusations Does It Take to Trump Due Process?

Editor's Note: Comments may be temporarily unavailable, but we are working on the problem. Please be patient and check back soon if comments do not appear to be open, yet. NBC, the network that made millions with Bill Cosby from 1984 to 1992 from The Cosby Show, made it clear...
The Big Question

The Big Question #2: Falling Stars

First, a big thanks to those of you who stopped by to play last week's inaugural edition of The Big Question. It's always a little nerve-racking when you start a new regular feature; it's a much scarier action when you do so as a replacement to a feature that ran...

Request During Cosby Interview Out of Line

The post about the ongoing Bill Cosby controversy that I planned to post hours ago was killed at the last minute by what seemed to be an even bigger story. I just needed time to write it. (You know, sometimes the real job gets in the way.) On Thursday morning,...

The Death of Robin Williams: TMI on TV?

The day after the body of legendary comedian Robin Williams was found, a televised press conference went into detail about the manner of his death. Fans of Robin Williams were left reeling by his sudden death, which was announced late Monday afternoon. The death, which has been determined to be...
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