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Epic Time

When I learned of the sentence for Bernard Madoff, the man accused of the biggest swindling job in U.S. history, I couldn’t help being struck by the patent absurdity of it.  Madoff got 150 years of jail time. Why? He’s 71.  The current life expectancy in the United States is...

More on the Death Penalty

I wanted to respond to a few of the comments and E-mails I have received about the death penalty entry. A friend E-mailed me to remind me that after the Bible's first recorded murder, God punished Cain for the death of his brother, Able, not by putting him to death...

Death Sentence

The Scott Peterson jury has recommended the death penalty for the convicted killer. This, of course, has renewed debate about the death penalty, its effectiveness as a deterrent to crime, and its place in our society. I do support the death penalty. I don't see the death penalty as society...